To create a community of DrPH students and alumni who share and leverage their knowledge, experiences, diversity and creativity for the good of its members and the protection of the public’s health.


  • Highlight and expand the value of the DrPH identity

  • Enhance the DrPH academic and professional experience

  • Harness DrPH leadership to transform public health practice

Current Activities

  1. APHA Launch: The American Public Health Association’s annual meeting is in November 2019 in Philadelphia, PA. We are organizing a DrPH Coalition event to publicly launch the coalition at the conference.

  2. Internal Governance/Structure - As a young association we need to determine how we will be organized, and what leadership positions are necessary, including possibly a faculty advisory board.

  3. This website! Leading Public Health is run by DrPH students and alumni and we would love to use this site as a platform to showcase our talents and skills.