Where to learn more about the DrPH

From staff retreats, weekend seminars, certificates and formal degrees, there are numerous opportunities to learn leadership in the field of public health. In higher education, one can take undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees in public health.

A degree gaining popularity across public health schools is the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH). While specific programs vary, the DrPH is often geared towards those wanting to work outside of academia and includes research training at a doctoral-level with training on leadership, to help those create real world change. See more information on DrPH programs.

DrPH History

Learn about the history of the DrPH degree and how it has developed over the last 100 years

DrPH Programs

Where can you find a DrPH degree? See a list of schools in the United States with a DrPH program.

DrPH Coalition

A group of DrPH students are forming a coalition to promote and advocate for the degree. Learn more here